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In The Know....

In the know....

Five Most Common Furnace and Heating Problems

Here are the top five problems that may cause your furnace or heating equipment to break down:
5. Thermostat malfunctions causing no heat, fan, or comfort problems
4. Air flow problems from fan motors, belts and bearings, causing furnace overheating or poor heating control
3. Dirty or clogged filters resulting in air flow and comfort problems
2. Furnace or heating system pilot or ignition control problems, resulting in intermittent or no heat

Things to do in Orlando

Don't you sometimes wonder what is there to do in Orlando other than Amusement Parks?!  Well, here are some great ideas to take your family to.  Orlando has great events going on almost every day, from theatrical musicals, to concerts, city festivals and most popular sports games among others!  Take a look HERE!

Did you know white vinegar had so many purposes?!

White Vinegar...  Is there anything this magic wonder can't do?

 I use it to clean windows, the bathroom, the coffee maker, in the laundry, and on the floors. Did you know it has germ killing ability? And it’s cheap, like me. What’s not to like? He

Want to know some tips?  Here's how....  CLICK HERE

Guess how many license home inspectors we have in the state of Florida?

We have 6,000 license home inspectors in the state of Florida.  Can you guys believe that?


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